Find Secure, Practical Vehicle Storage Solutions

Find Secure, Practical Vehicle Storage Solutions

Secure Indoor and Outdoor Storage Solutions for Individuals and Businesses in Midland, TX

Do you need a reliable storage solution for your vehicles? Whether you have a fleet of trucks or a single valuable car, you'll find secured vehicle storage for affordable prices at Bison Towing LLC.

Our 6,000- and 16,000-square-foot warehouses offer a lot of space and serious security.

Secure Indoor Vehicle Storage Solutions for Law Enforcement and Insurance Companies

Bison Towing's Indoor Vehicle Storage Facilities offer enclosed spaces for investigative detail work on vehicles involved in accidents, deaths, robberies, illegal drug smuggling, etc. Both buildings are secure with 24/7 camera surveillance.

Contact us today to learn more about our facilities in Midland, TX.

We offer:

  • Professional security systems
  • Wi-Fi and internet
  • Lounge and office areas
  • Easy access with large bay doors
  • Climate controlled interior

We rely on three acres of steel fencing, security cameras and alarm systems to keep your vehicles safe 24/7. Reach out to us today to reserve space at our vehicle storage facility.